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"Every great design starts with an even better story" let us help you tell yours. 

We are John & Joy, the people behind        , a creative design studio specialising in logo and web design. Let us help you build an appealing brand identity.​


Joy's nana's name was Ivy. She was a wonder woman who left a great impression on all whom she came into contact with. Nana Ivy left a legacy of connection within her family, a legacy that will last for generations to come. 

That's what we want to help your company do. Grow and build into an impactful business, leaving a lasting impression on all and making connections with all your clients. We want to help your company build a legacy for generations to come.

What we do

What we do...

We are an online design studio specialising in marketing and branding. We help clients grow and build their brand according to their specifications. Often clients have a design vision, it’s our mission to bring that into fruition and create a brand with a lasting legacy. 

Branding & Marketing

We are here to help grow your brand and business, build strong relationships with your customers, and create a lasting legacy. We want to establish a distinct identity for your business with your target audience and consumers in mind. We will work with you to design and develop your company's logo, visual identity, and mission.


We have a wealth of design experience. From logos and business cards to signage, from invitations and booklets to website design. We take into consideration your wants and needs as the client; our joy comes from making your design vision a reality. We love the creative aspect of design, bringing originality and imagination into every project. 

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